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About me - Sarah Summers BA(Hons)Music and Education, Early Years Professional Status, Vocal Health First Aider

I am a pianist, choir leader and Vocal Health First Aider.  My interests are education, music and vocal health for everyone.

I strongly believe that music has many benefits and I am passionate about bringing those benefits to as many people as I can.

I have enjoyed Music in various forms throughout my life, playing the clarinet in youth bands, percussion in brass bands, piano for show rehearsals and performances and singing in various choirs.  Every musical organisation that I have had the joy of being involved in has given me friends and a community to be a part of - I want to empower others to experience the friendship and belonging that musical communities offer.

I have experienced, first hand, the impact of group singing on mental well-being.  I strongly believe in the impact of Community Choirs and am priveledged to lead both Swindon Carer's Choir and Great Western Harmony NHS Choir.

Singing with others has many health benefits and many of my choir members have talked to me about how singing in a choir has improved their lives - sometimes this is about mental health and taking time for themselves to meet and sing in a supportive group with people who have had similar experiences to themselves.  Some of my singers have talked to me about how the breathing exercises that I do have improved their health conditions and some people have told me about how they have left my sessions feeling happier and more relaxed than they were before they arrived.

I have a passion for vocal health and have spent time studying the impact of lifestyle, stress and hormonal changes on the speaking and singing voice.  I continue to delve deeper into this subject as I study with 'Vocal Health Education', currently on their Vocal Habilitation Pathway (having completed their Vocal Health First Aid qualification).  I am also taking my studies further by taking an MA in Vocal Pedagogy.  As such, I am able to help any voice users, including classroom teachers (as I have worked in Primary Schools, I really appreciate how much teachers ask of their voices on a daily basis).


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